Military Challenge Coins

A challenge coin is a small medallion coin usually carried by military officers that bear an organization's emblem. These coins were being used in the early days to prove your membership to the military forces. Challenge coins are used in the military forces to recognize a special achievement by a certain unit in the group. During important visits by organizations challenge coins are exchanged to mark the day. However many people may not or do not understand the use of challenge coins, but they are used in diverse arenas today. The article herein highlights some of the details concerning the military challenge coins.

The history of these challenge coins made in usa dates back to some fifty to one hundred years ago. The most familiar and latest documented sources date these coins to a pilot who was shot down in the World War I and made to land in the hostile territories in Germany. Because of the regular attacks by the British forces he escaped. After escaping, he missed a majority of his belongings and was later caught by French forces who detained him. The French forces tried to kill him, but he pleaded with them and decided to give them a challenge coin that he had been given by his former Lieutenant.

This MilitaryCoinsUSA challenge coin was struck with the American Unit emblem and some other identifying marks. The French Officer who was about to take away his life recognized some of the marks on the coin and decided not to kill the American until his identity was validated. Later afterward, the pilot was released, but it was believed that this coin had saved his life.

In these days, the challenge coin has found diverse uses more than a representation for military personnel. The military challenge coins are transacted among active-duty, civilian personnel and the retired within the relevant government agencies. It is also becoming a customary these days to present this challenge to dignitaries and other special guests when they visit different locations. Presentation of these coins is a sign of welcome or respect to the visitor. This common behavior began in the White House of the United States, but it has spread to some other countries like; Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. The military coins have undergone evolvement from simple coins to complex and different colorful varieties. It has happened because of the advancements in the manufacturing techniques over the years. Modern military challenge coins have a three-dimensional that look like the one found on currency. Some popular feature found in these coins include; numbering, specialty edging and photographic inserts which enable the pictures to be fixed on both sides. For more facts and info about challenge coins, Visit .